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LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for marketers to take advantage of a list of advertising services offered by the platform. Inherently, advertising on LinkedIn is different from other social media networks. It offers an audience of a highly targeted group of professionals based on job function and skills. Within the LinkedIn platform, there are twenty-six different job functions that you can target. LinkedIn is also a highly cost-effective solution if you want your brand message to reach out to thousands of professionals in an instance.

With its capability to reach a well-defined and highly specific group of users, LinkedIn also lets you target your audience in terms of title, experience, industry, and job profile. While creating a LinkedIn PPC campaign, you can create multiple versions of your ads and then select which ads perform the best. There are different types of ads which are allowed on LinkedIn including sponsored content – to promote a post you have already shared, text advertising, video advertising, sponsored InMail, and form advertising.


LinkedIn allows you to effectively find your target audience or potential customers. With over 200 million active accounts, your brand can get an enormous exposure on this platform. It is up to your ad campaign to scrutinize and identify the right people for your brand.

The number of distinct features that LinkedIn offers includes the ability to target professionals on the level of their seniority within a company or a firm. This allows you to highly specify your audience, and target only the high echelons of different companies, or the people who are affiliated with top companies.

Linked paid advertising allows you to get user feedback and follow-up requests on your ad campaign. You can also access a person’s professional page and email address with just a click of the button, allowing you to build new leads without a hassle. In comparison with other advertising options, LinkedIn also provides a lower cost-per-click (CPC). The overall cost of your campaign gets even lower than a Google AdWords campaign.

With LinkedIn ads, you can also use a custom landing page tailored typically for your target audience – one that’s created to generate higher conversion for your brand. Combined with the level of targeting offered by the platform, you can obtain great marketing results for your brand with a high return on investment.


At INAUSCO, we provide comprehensive LinkedIn PPC advertising services. Our expertise allows us to carry out a full-scale research on your target market, your business potential, and your expectations from a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign. We evaluate your knowledge of your target audience that includes questions like – What level of seniority do your target customers have at a company? What individual skills do they possess? How big is their company? What groups do they follow on LinkedIn?

These questions help us in accurately assessing your requirements related to the LinkedIn PPC advertising campaign. The knowledge further governs us to ensure we meet our client’s expectations and deliver results.

LinkedIn is a resourceful platform that provides you with the option to launch both – text-based and video advertising campaigns. Using targeting tools provide by LinkedIn, we translate your vision into achievement and help your campaign to become a success.

We ensure the deepest level of relevancy to any viewer who sees your ad. We make sure that your ads provide both – social as well as PPC perspective to your brand, ensuring you a versatile and effective environment for promoting your business.

Our qualified team of professionals specializes in providing help to B2B as well as B2C brands. We develop ad campaigns to promote your products and services and target your audience in a precise manner. We also ensure that your LinkedIn PPC advertising campaign remains effective by real-time monitoring. We also provide detailed analytics related to the ad campaign to our clients so that they can easily check the status or progress, and suggest any changes.