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Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking tool is a vivacious tool which is used in Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). It could be used to identify the performance of your ad campaign that is used to generate sales, leads, downloads, key actions, and email sign-ups. The data which is recorded by conversion tracking allows the user to identify the potential areas where your campaigns are doing well and not doing well. The bids, keywords, add texts and everything else can be optimized.

It depends on your business on how the conversion is identified. E-Commerce tracking allows you to track how much transactions and revenues have been generated from your website. By using E-Commerce tracking, you can analyze your sales data with website data like bounce rate, landing pages, traffic medium etc.

Track the performance of your web pages, how your ad clicks were effective enough to generate leads, review your customer activity and keep a track on phone calls, sign-ups for newsletters, resource page subscriptions, phone calls, SMS, app downloads and even more through Google analytics conversion tracking. The setup process might be different for each type.

The sales/purchase, leads, visitors, geographical location of the visitors and many other details can be got via website conversion tracking. The top priority here is the time your website visitors invest on your website to take calls through action. Your website and the content must be engaging enough to encourage your target audience to act on your website.


There are many benefits associated with conversion tracking. Some of the main benefits include analyzing the lead mindset, real-time data tracking of the leads-to-clients conversion. The users will be able to review the potential lead to customer actions directly on their E-Commerce website or social media pages. Some of the other main benefits, which will add business and customer value, are listed here:-

  • To help your business make more effective decisions on advertising and marketing
  • To help your business determine which ad campaigns and keywords are working for your business
  • To bring out the points on where your user experience needs a tweak
  • To provide your business with an insight on which offers and promotions are a hit among the audience
  • To provide a data-based benchmark based on time
  • To convert your currency value to dollars during lead conversion
  • To create more chances to optimize your Adwords campaign
  • To provide your business with more easily manageable bidding options
  • To record the number of micro-conversions that has taken place, which can provide your ad automation software with more data to work with
  • To create more remarketing audiences for micro-conversions which can help you follow a high level of high-intent audience and convert them to customers
  • To create that advanced remarketing lists which are based on the behavior such as location, time and site details

The Conversion tracking mechanism provides you with better options for managing your customer data and analyzing the number of leads that can be generated with your Ad campaigns. Owing to its benefits and importance, many businesses are relying on getting proper analytics in their Google Analytics. Hence the digital marketing team has started taking specific interest in this area. It is quite important that the businesses rely on the services on a proper conversion tracking company. It is highly important for them to understand the process that happens when the lead is converted into customers.


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