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Mobile app development is the process of developing software programs for wireless computing devices such as smartphones and tablets. The process is similar to the development of a web application, the major difference being that mobile apps are developed to make use of components such as an accelerometer, mobile camera, and microphone.

To ensure that mobile apps show optimum performance on a device, they must be developed specifically for a platform. For instance, mobile apps for iPhone cannot work on any other platform. At the hardware level, the program code is exclusively written for the specific processor and device.


Mobile technology has changed the entire dynamics of our society. It has given power in the hands of the customers. It has allowed entrepreneurs to carry out their business operations from any location in the world. It is important for every business to develop a dedicated mobile application to maximize growth and audience reach.

Following are the discreet advantages provided by the mobile application development process for businesses:

  • Massive Audience: The total number of smartphone users in 2016 was more than 2 billion. Individuals have become dependent on smartphones to search for information, socialize with family and friends, listen to music and movies, and do other activities. Mobile apps serve as a form of intuitive purchasing, which makes it inevitable for every business to grow.
  • Direct Marketing Channel: Mobile app development provides you with the ability to reach out to your target audience directly. You can deliver special sales, promotional offers, and discounts to your customers directly through your mobile app. Push notifications can be used to easily remind customers about your distinct products and services, whenever required.
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Recognition: With a mobile app you can market your products or services any way you want. It allows you to increase brand awareness and recognition amongst your audience. More the number of customers getting involved with your app, more are the chances of increasing your sales.
  • Social Network Integration: Dedicated mobile apps provide you with the ability to integrate social features such as comments, likes, and shares with your app. It allows your target audience to review, share and discuss different products, and develop a dedicated social community.
  • Rich Data Capturing Capabilities: Mobile apps are a convenient way of gathering information about your customers. The gathered information can be used to deliver personalized and user-specific content to individual customers.


At INAUSCO, we help our customers by developing high performing, feature-packed, and transformative mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Our apps provide an interactive and immersive experience for our clients and help them to expand their business potential.

Our specialization in mobile application development assures the secure, scalable, and sustainable creation of mobile apps for your business. With our custom app development services, you achieve:

  • Mobile Consulting: Comprehensive consulting services to optimize all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) including gathering, designing, development, testing, deployment, and management of your mobile app.
  • Effective UI/UX Design: Top-quality UI/UX designs that effectively impress your target audience and achieve your business objectives.
  • Real-time Analytics: Real-time analytics and detailed metrics on the performance, capabilities, and traction received by your mobile app.
  • Native Mobile App Development: High performing apps with enhanced app store visibility that deliver an ultimate user experience and meets the requirements of a particular operating system by using its SDK (software development kit).
  • Mobile App Testing: End-to-end mobile app testing with the creation of user acceptance and device testing stage.
  • Backend Integration and Publication: Comprehensive backend integration and publication solutions to deliver the app to a large audience.

Our principle of working with you involves the delivery of high-quality mobile software that brings value to your business or brand. With our rapid, transparent and time-effective solutions, you get the benefit of staying ahead of your competition and achieve your business goals.