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Pay Per Click

Do you know the top three paid ads on Google attract about half of the total clicks for a web page?

Pay per click advertising works as a great tool to escalate your business. If done in the right way, PPC advertising can prove incredible for your business. You can easily connect with the visitors who are looking forward to buy a product or service. Choose to work on a budget you can afford and position yourselves amongst relevant prospects.

At InAusco, our experts have implemented PPC as one of the finest tools in our digital marketing toolkit. We help you learn the skills you need to master to surpass competitors in your business niche. We help you discover when your prospects are online and engage with them. Contact our experienced professionals to boost traffic, conversions, and sales. We strive to offer PPC services within the budget you agree.

Start-Up PPC

If you are a start-up business or have performed massive rebranding, PPC marketing is the ideal thing for you. You can acquire highly specific leads from specific age groups, demographic, and interests. PPC isn’t merely directed towards a high number of clicks. It proves fruitful when you get clicks from prospects that are willing to buy your products/services. That’s how a successful PPC marketing strategy actually works.

Google Adwords PPC is the ultimate tool to stand out from the crowd. It brings immediate output when efforts are concentrated towards appointment bookings, lead generation, and product purchases.

PPC Management is a bit difficult for the beginners. Next, if you don’t have a concrete plan you may fail. InAusco is a reputed PPC agency which delivers PPC solutions to meet the goals of B2B and B2C companies. Our team of skilled marketers deploy the extensive tools and resources and help your business to reach heights.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising revolves around advertisement within the sponsored listings of a search engine. Business owners pay each time their ads are clicked (PPC) or displayed (CPM).

For your brand to achieve the probability of click through, it must appear in the top five results in the search engine page results.

If you have sufficient budget, PPC is the right way to proceed ahead. Set up a PPC campaign and you will find immediate results. Tracking is simpler and better. You can easily schedule ads and target them based on specific times and locations. All of this reveals that paid search is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

At InAusco, we provide you an insight into the paid search advertising. We offer assistance to get acquainted with technology and drive high traffic with relevant clicks.

Display Advertising

People quickly grab the information they see. This makes display ads the best way to convey your brand message and promote your business.

A well-crafted intriguing ad appeals to the customers and distinguishes your product from the rest. Business owners must put up professional looking ads. This is because ads are the basic medium people know about your business.

A poor display ad will drive away the prospects. This calls for the need to get a professional ad design service.

At InAusco, we are a team of great designers who are both creative and technically-sound. We pour in creativity to create ads with engaging designs. Next, we implement testing and tracking to ensure your business gets a competitive advantage.

Mobile Advertising

Aiming for growth?

In the recent years, the statistics for web searches on mobile phones has increased significantly. Responsive and mobile friendly websites convert prospects into customers. Visitors who view mobile optimized content are more likely to come back to the website and buy your products.

Successful mobile campaigns attract visitors and convert them into customers to improve your return on investment. The website must have easily-loading pages to offer efficient mobile navigation and

InAusco marketing team help you to escalate your business and reach potential heights. We perform mobile PPC audit and help you discover new market opportunity depending on your interests and target audience. We deliver click to call and call tracking systems to monitor the performance of your mobile advertising.


At times you may discover an ad for a website you recently visited everywhere you go. Though this is an approach to attract the user’s attention but it may not seem viable every time. Viewers consider it as a spam.

Remarketing tactics work best to target users who did some particular action on your website. You can create specific ads to be displayed to a particular section of users. Investing money to target ripest viewers to convert into customers is the right way to get on the top.

At InAusco, we deliver a wide range of remarketing services. Our experts ensure you spend your money on users who have higher probabilities to convert. Our services include campaign development, ad submission, ad text creation, PPC monitoring, conversion tracking, PPC cost management and landing page development. We deliver complete analysis report and details on different approaches of the campaign.

Bing/Yahoo PPC

Google is a powerful and popular search engine. However many users still don’t search on Google. So why limit your online reach?

Millions of searches are made on Bing and Yahoo each day. Thus Bing and Yahoo ads are extremely beneficial. Pairing them with robust Adwords management campaign brings phenomenal results. ROI-driven campaigns, keyword discovery and strategic ad group creation work instrumental to get better results.

If you are uncertain of which paid platform you must use for your business, get in touch with our experts. We provide the best recommendation and introduce you to different tools and strategies. We help you establish a strong online presence with the implementation of ROI-driven Bing Ads campaign. We provide a report on performance metrics such as CTR, CPC, impressions, and clicks.

Google Shopping Advertising

Do you run an online ecommerce store? What are the ways you follow to drive traffic?

Well, Google shopping campaigns have an inherent potential to drive in maximum sales if you sell online products. Google shopping serves as the prime source to drive 75% clicks for all your PPC efforts along with appropriate shopping ads.

At InAusco we help advertisers to expand their reach by showcasing physical products to a wide audience base. Investment in Google shopping helps you grow your business. We will help you create interesting shopping ads to convey your brand message and convince visitors into users with stronger intent.

YouTube TrueView Advertising

YouTube is the most popular video marketing platform. Advertising on YouTube is a powerful way to reach to a target audience. The videos you create must have call to actions, banners, and links to your website to boost the video interaction. The next focus should be on reaching on a right target audience segregated on age, interests and geographic location.

At InAusco we help you grab the YouTube advantage. We offer a wide array of YouTube TrueView Advertising services to create a strong online presence. We create TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display ads which can be embedded in relevant videos for product promotion. We ensure the ads run on platforms such as YouTube, apps, and websites. We keep you updated about your ad performance such as click and view count.

App Advertising

How can you make your app visible to a large number of people? How can you popularise your app and succeed in the competitive world?

App advertising is a great way to generate revenue from ads. Even though it’s a tough business, app developers strive to get good growth in mobile publisher revenue. The key is to deploy all the ad channels for gaining an optimal RI for your app.

At InAusco we help you find out the advertising channels that can make a big difference to your app installation count. We will help you promote your apps to a large audience for higher conversions.