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Videography & Motion

Do you require videos catering to your different needs for business? Do you want to develop splendid videos which convey your message effectively and helps you connect with the audience?

You may require a diverse range of videos such as training videos, corporate videos, event videos, training videos, technology videos, Facebook videos, animated videos, recruitment videos and professional services videos depending on your business needs.

At Inausco, we specialises in the production of high quality videos. We take the time to understand your needs and timelines to commence with a new video production project. We strive to create videos which appeal to the audience and put in efforts to bring your idea to life.

We provide a broad overview of the different phases of video production — Pre-production, Production, Post-Production, and Delivery. We assist our clients throughout the complete video production process starting from scripting to screen.


Scripting is an important element of video production. It includes everything ranging from the spoken content, speakers, body language, camera angles, and location. The perfect combination of the aforesaid ingredients makes effective and engaging videos.

Scripting focuses on keeping your video consistent and concrete. A well-crafted script gives your audience the reason to continue watching. Even if it’s a 2-3 minute video, it must hook the viewers with its clear and precise narrative. A good script makes your video original and relatable.

InAusco Pvt. Ltd is the one stop solution if you are looking for best script writing services. Our scriptwriting team has extensive experience in writing scripts for diverse media channels. We put in all expertise to create engaging videos and broadcast them across different advertising channels.


Storyboard is a visual depiction of all the video scenes. It comprises of hand-drawn images with short descriptions and script notes.

Storyboarding bring the entire video production team on the same page. It helps you figure out the idea of the planned execution and works as visual illustration for idea communication. Storyboards save your time and budget and help you know which shots, scenes, and dialogues are vital to create.

If you require assistance for storyboarding your next video project, InAusco has a team of passionate illustrators who will create a well thought and accurate storyboard for your video. We can help you to select the important elements of your video and shots that’ll actually work to make your story wonderful.


Video editing refines and polishes your existing videos to convey the right message and your brand idea. A video should be sleek and engaging without exaggerated use of special effects and transition. You must have a skilled video editor who should know how to put it all together. Your video editor will help you know what can and can’t be done to get the best result from your video.

InAusco has the best team of renowned editors who work to bring your video concept to existence. We provide a wide range of professional video editing services to fulfil your post production needs. We edit your videos using advanced video editing software and create cohesive storylines. We put in efforts to make a flawless video with a right blend of colour correction, sequencing, and sound design.

Motion Graphics:

Proper motion graphics work to enhance and transform your video so that they leave a long lasting impression on your audience. They include simple text, character animation, CGI effects or special 3D effects. Motion graphics present your information in succinct and easy to read way.

At InAusco we excel in developing a wide range of advanced motion graphics. We use the latest tools and software to develop custom-designed videos. Our motion graphics services include Logo animation, animated maps, animated infographics, Image and Text Overlay, Green Screen Composition and CGI effects. We recommend the right motion graphics to enhance your video concept. We put in the right special effects to your video and boost audience engagement with your broadcasted video content.


Do you want to give your videos an excellent animated touch? Animation is a great tool to express your business concept in an easy to understand manner. It enables you to create realistic and memorable experience as compared to static images.

InAusco Pvt. Ltd has extensive experience in broad range of animated videos. We have a team of reputed animators with rich experience in cutting edge animation programs. Apart from our distinguished 3D animation services, we will help to figure the purpose, motive and audience of your video. We will assist you to make the best use of 3D animated videos for your upcoming project.

To learn about our different videography and motion services, get in touch with our InAusco team.