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SEO Audit is a process that evaluates your website’s success in terms of search engine ranking, loading speed, instructiveness, and responsiveness. A detailed SEO analysis is performed to discover any redundancy, plagiarism, and lack of content integrity.

SEO audit is a standard procedure for every website. The main aim of doing an SEO audit is to improve the marketability of a website. A properly done SEO audit is an efficient method to improve your page’s ranking in the SERPs. For every website, an SEO audit must be performed at the beginning of a new project or new quarter.

It is an important question – how to do an SEO audit? To perform an SEO audit, you first need to create an effective strategy that includes all your marketing objectives. Through an SEO audit, you can gain insights into your target market. You can analyze your keywords and can control various technical aspects of your website.

SEO auditing is a complex procedure and it includes various aspects of your brand’s website. The frequency of performing an SEO audit depends on the size and traffic managed by your website. For a small website, a periodic SEO audit is more than necessary. For a medium website, you can perform an SEO audit whenever you notice a drop in the traffic.


There are a number of benefits provided by SEO auditing that is pivotal to the success of your brand. The most important advantage is the improvement of your search engine ranking, which yields more traffic to your website. It is also a significant measure to evaluate the Google ranking of your competitors, in order to identify where the gaps are in your SEO strategy.

SEO audit ensures that your website is healthy and adding value to your business. It is important for your business to remain proactive and use SEO audit as a digital marketing strategy for growth and increased traction. It should also highlight any changes required to your website to improve its ability to attract the audience.

SEO audit is an effective method to perform a technical analysis of your website. This checks your website’s responsiveness, compatibility on different devices, and loading time. It includes how easy it is to share content from your website. SEO audit also checks if your website content is relevant to your target audience, and to what extent they find it authentic.


At INAUSCO, we provide complete SEO audit services that help you to increase your traffic and make your website bring value to your business. Our team of SEO experts performs a comprehensive analysis of your website to discover how it is performing, what is redundant, and what can be done to improve it.

We understand your business objectives and individual requirements. Our professional services are specifically tailored to boost your search engine ranking and detect areas in which your website is lagging behind the competition. Our SEO audit services are totally customizable and flexible. We always strive to discover opportunities to promote your business growth.

We deliver proactive rather than a reactive approach to SEO. Our detailed report detailing is based on an accurate analysis of your current website and your target market. We provide you the insights that are reliable and completely relevant to the Google algorithms. We make sure that you choose the right plan to identify different on-site and off-site issues. Regardless of the size of your website, our services offer SEO audit services that bring a positive ROI to you.

After the completion of an SEO audit, we provide you a comprehensive website SEO audit checklist that provides you with the list of actions you need to perform to improve your SEO. We make sure that our suggestions are compatible with your business objectives and any modification or change suggested by us is backed up by considerable rationale.