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Infographics & icons

Infographics are the visual representation of any information created by using various design elements to display the content in an easy and understandable manner. Infographics and icons are effective in displaying complex messages to viewers, in order to enhance their understanding of a particular subject. It has been a well-known fact that pairing text with graphics improves the information retention of the readers.

However, the information contained in the infographic or an icon must be clear, concise and interesting. For instance, if a road sign contains too much information, it will be difficult to read.

Whereas, an infographic displays information in a visually pleasing manner so that the onlookers are able to easily understand the message. The main rationale behind the use of infographics by different businesses is to communicate complex data to their customers in a simple and interactive manner. Further, by using effective infographics your brand can stay at the top of your customers’ minds.


Inherently, infographics are the representation of simple facts in an interesting visual arrangement. They are used in many fields such as engineering, research, medicine, corporate sector, and education. In addition, specific types of infographics are designed to target people with certain expertise or knowledge. Although infographics appear to be simple at the first glance, they are very challenging in terms of research, visual appeal, copywriting and designing.

The popularity of infographics can be attributed to the face that they provide an effective medium for information propagation. Businesses also use infographics for social media engagement to increase brand visibility, recognition, and value. Another benefit of using infographics for your brand is to effectively disperse the message, beliefs or philosophy of your company to your viewers. Apart from gaining insightful information about your products and services, using the infographics will also develop consumer trust for your brand for making the data public. Thus, resulting in improved site traffic and awareness amongst your target audience.

Infographics also provide a novel solution to increase backlinks and SEO optimization of your content. Using infographics for data sharing allows large quantities of information to be displayed before the mainstream audience. It allows you to cull out essential information from highly complex data forms and facts, and present it in a lucid and engaging manner.


At INAUSCO, we leverage infographics to build brand awareness and broadcast information about the latest technologies and trends. Our team of experts adopts extensive research practices to excerpt specific information from large volumes of undifferentiated data in the form of an effective infographic.

We know the craft of designing intriguing infographics and icons. It is highly essential for a web designer to make your visuals purposeful. If a component or fact is not adding anything to the final product or serving a particular purpose, then it should not be in the infographic. As per the modern trends, we develop them with a minimalist approach so that you can entice the viewers with a lesser amount of content and design.

Whether it is an idea, trend, fact, or technology, we are experts in extracting key points from a specific concept and presenting it in the form of a visually stunning and interactive illustration. We ensure that our creations are able to grab the interest of the viewers. To design impressive infographics and icons for your business, we provide you a large variety of templates, customizations, and color schemes to choose from. We strive to provide you with visuals for any purpose, and our data visualization services will provide tailor-made solutions to all your needs.

Our team churns out an effective plan of action to incorporate optimized social media marketing strategies and promotion techniques to earn you hundreds of visitors, links and leads to building brand exposure. Predominantly, you may require infographics and icons for a number of purposes. We provide you with the best available design services that will bring value to your investment.