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Analytics Configuration

Managing Google accounts and users of your website are what is termed as Google analytics configuration. It is a management API. By configuring to Google analytics and WordPress setup, the traffic can be analyzed and the number of users on a monthly, weekly and daily basis can be known. The Google Analytics account setup helps you to manage your website activities in a well precise manner. The user can very well create, manage and have an access to Google Analytics entities such as properties, accounts, and views. They can also manage the permission users have. The analytics data can be imported.

It is highly essential that we should know how the audience is interacting with your website. This is a vital part of your website, as well as business success in the digital world. The best ever way is to configure your WordPress site to Google analytics. The traffic and the stats can be known exactly in this manner. So, setting up your Google analytics account is the key for your website traffic maintenance and tracking.


Google analytics configuration can help you predict how effective your website activities have been so far. This helps you in improving the number of website visitors as well as user engagement level. Various factors such as geographical location, interest level and timing of your website visitors can be predicted. While speaking about Google analytics configuration and Google analytics WordPress setup before you set up Google analytics, it is important for the website owner to get the answer to these questions:

  • Who are the visitors to your website?
  • From where did they discover your website?
  • How do people engage themselves with your website?
  • How do your website visitors interact?
  • What is the timing when people visit your website?
  • From which location are the website visitors arriving?
  • From which reference did they arrive on your website?

From the geographical location to which browser, device or gadget your user used can be known. Other important information such as JavaScript support, screen resolution, language, Flash support, and lot more can be known. This information is vital in improving the user experience. By knowing the bounce rate of your website, you can predict how efficient your content is. The timing of user arrival helps you understand when you can post on your website. By running A/B split tests, the content experiments can be done. The referral sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo helps you make wise decisions when it comes to posting contents on your website. This helps you strictly follow the strategy that works pretty well for your website. It is a convenient factor that a single account can occupy up to 50 properties. This means that a single account can connect up to 50 websites. This helps you to manage all your website activities, either based on location, products or services. The real-time data, the visuals, and the graphs help you to maintain the standard of your website content. Hence Google analytics configuration and Google analytics WordPress setup are important.


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