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What is App Advertising?

App advertising is the process of raising awareness about your mobile app in order to increase its downloads. With the increasing competition in the mobile development and publishing domain, it is important for application developers to utilize all the available ad channels to generate maximum ROI on your app.

For effectively advertising an app, the developers must choose the advertising channel wisely. It is important to understand that not all advertising channels can be equal, and the price is not a determining factor of how well a channel can perform. The biggest challenge for app developers that remains is the selection of appropriate advertising channels for their apps.

The most common advertising channels used by the app developers include:

    • App Website: It is the creation of a dedicated website for a mobile app to increase its visibility. A Website can draw attention to your app if it is filled with relevant content. By creating targeted content, you can effectively introduce the target audience to your app.
    • App Landing Page: You can create a new landing page for your app on your website, or you can create a standalone landing page to entice your target audience. Landing pages are an effective medium to compel the viewers towards a particular call to action.


  • Paid Search: It is done through Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns that include charging you a small amount every time a user clicks on a paid search advertisement. When your PPC campaign reaches its budget limit, the advertisements are automatically removed from the paid search results.



With the increasing popularity of smartphones, there are thousands of apps developed every month for the iOS and Android platforms. Even if your app is rich in features, you require an effective advertising strategy to spread its word among the users. Without effective advertising, you cannot beat the fierce competition in the mobile app development domain.

Every app developer requires a high level of traction to ensure that a maximum number of users recognize and download the app. Both – Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are flooded with millions of apps. You need a clear mobile app advertising strategy so that users can easily search and find your app. Your advertising strategy must be customized to fit your customer persona and to inform the users how your mobile app is beneficial for them.

By app advertising, you can reach your target audience, and increase the downloads of your app. This enhances the brand image of your company. Mobile app advertising provides the required traction to your app and builds a strong online presence among smartphone users. With the face-time smartphones get, it is important for mobile app companies to invest an adequate amount in developing dedicated advertising campaigns.


As a mobile app advertising agency, we at INAUSCO provide comprehensive business solutions to our clients. A combination of technology, expertise, and dedication is what makes us different from other app advertising agencies.

With the business potential provided by mobile devices, it makes perfect sense for every app developer to invest in mobile app advertising. We provide dedicated mobile advertising campaigns to app developers from a wide range of verticals. Our tailor-made solutions are ideal for both – iOS and Android app advertising.

We care about delivering measurable results and use a data-driven approach to design your advertising strategy. The mobile ecosystem is dynamic and constantly evolves, so do our tools and techniques.

We are a team of professionals with expertise in product development and analytics. Our in-depth understanding of mobile and digital media and extensive capability differentiates us from the competition.

Our range of services includes defining your target audience, making an active user base for your app, development of custom strategies to execute a PR campaign, and software solutions for advanced acquisition campaign management.

As a mobile app advertising agency, we help both app developers and publishers to generate maximum return on investment from their apps. By reaching out to customers with proper message delivery, we achieve meaningful results.