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Bing and Yahoo PPC

Bing Ads is PPC (Pay per Click) service that proliferates advertising on both Bing and Yahoo search engines. It uses both the pay per click, and click-through rate (CTR) to evaluate how frequently an advertisement is shown. It promotes the creation of effective ads and only advertises when the searched keywords are relevant to an advertisement.

Google is currently the most popular search engine in the world with Google AdWords being used by companies to connect with their audience and turn them into potential customers.

Google may have the lion’s share in the search traffic but there is still plenty of untapped PPC potential retained in search engines like Bing and Yahoo. These search engines provide a great alternative to Google as they manage about 400 million combined searches per day. Sponsored links occupy about a majority of the first-page search results on these search engines. This presents a lucrative marketing opportunity for businesses who are looking to expand beyond Google AdWords and related services.


Bing, the search engine by Microsoft is responsible for one-third of the total search queries made in the United States. It provides an excellent opportunity for Bing advertisers – by connecting them to a fair-share of exclusive users that are not reached by Google.

The Bing advertising platform is used for both – Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Bing Ads utilize an auction system similar to Google. Due to an absence of strong competition, Bing advertisers can reap-in great benefits by pairing Bing Ads with a strong AdWords management campaign. Other important advantages of using Bing and Yahoo PPC are as follows:

  • Bing’s high-volume search provides you with the opportunity to capture new leads.
  • Bing Ads has a cheaper cost per click (CPC) as compared to Google, providing you more clicks at fewer prices that translate into high traffic and conversion rates. This makes it ideal for small businesses, startups and firms on a tight budget.
  • With Bing Ads Editor – a desktop tool, you can make offline changes to your ad campaigns and later sync it online.
  • Bing advertising provides you with the flexibility to choose from text ads or product ads. The text ads are displayed when a user searches for a specific keyword and they appear above or on the side of organic search results. The product ads include ads with images, promotional text, and price of a product in the search results page.
  • Bing and Yahoo PPC provide you the ability to target your audience based on their location, the last device used, demographics, and the current time. By narrowing down your ads on these parameters, you can generate qualified clicks that can be translated into qualified leads for your business.
  • Bing Ads enables you to run your advertisements on specific days of the week or at any particular time of the day. No other PPC has a similar feature.
  • You can also import your existing PPC campaigns for Google AdWords into Bing Ads instead of building everything from ground zero.


Whether you’re looking to build a new Bing Ads PPC account from scratch or you want to revamp your existing campaign, we at INAUSCO are always there to help you. We provide a comprehensive Bing advertising campaign that includes full keyword discovery, competitive research, industry analysis, ROI-driven campaign creation, strategic ad group creation, Ad copyright creation, and complete landing page development.

At INAUSCO, we are always looking forward to strategies that can be advantageous for our customers. Our in-house team of experts is fully qualified and experienced to make the most of Bing’s PPC platform, and translate viewers into potential customers for your business.

We cover all aspects of campaign management that include ad writing, keyword selection, and bidding, campaign planning and reporting. In addition, our results-oriented team maintains a relentless focus on improving your business’s conversion rates and reducing your overall cost per lead. We achieve this by careful analysis of data and an ongoing testing regimen.