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Remarketing is a smart way to connect the audience to your website that is not a part of an immediate purchase or inquiry. It involves positioning targeted ads before a defined group of individuals that have already visited your website in the past.

Technically, it is a form of internet advertising where a Google-administered cookie is used to ‘tag’ a certain visitor to a website. The cookie-generated data remember which websites the user has accessed and which actions he has completed.

The placement of targeted banner ads on different websites that individuals visit is intentionally done to remind the users of the products and services they showed interest in, on your website.

There are various remarketing programs, out of which Google remarketing is a great platform to start. It provides the largest network of participating publishers that integrates with your AdWords campaign for remarketing. To set up a Google remarketing campaign, you just require a working Google account and a credit card for automatic billing.


Remarketing is an effective technique that allows you to stay connected to your customers and build brand awareness. Companies use Google remarketing campaigns to get back in front of the potential customers who have visited the company’s website but did not purchase anything. This includes users who have placed items in the shopping cart and then abandoned the website or declined a purchase after initiating a payment.

Remarketing can also benefit businesses that offer distinct products and services with a sales cycle of more than one day – where the customer analyzes a particular product or service and remains in the decision-making stage for a considerable time. As the customers are in the decision-making process, remarketing increases their engagement by reinforcing their memory and invites them to your website to purchase the product or service. It also provides you with the ability to target a large number of potential customers at once.

Remarketing is a flexible approach – it can be as broad as branding and as targeted as offering specific discounts for a particular item. It involves an accurate analysis of your company’s conversion opportunities and enables the creation of a strategy to capture more of your target audience’s attention. Through an AdWords remarketing campaign, you can also display your ads on premium websites that can guarantee you thousands of website visitors.


At INAUSCO, we provide interactive remarketing services by closely working with you to analyze your business’s conversion opportunities online. We formalize an effective strategy to capture your target audience’s attention. We believe in captivating your audience with targeted remarketing ads – whether the user is a first-time visitor or a returning customer.

We offer trackable, data-intensive reports to help you to understand how many of your sales convert. This includes a real-time analysis of the total number of website visitors served brought by the remarketing ads, and how many finalized a purchase. With our dedicated service, you can edit or modify the campaign as per your preferences to ensure that your visitors are able to see what you want them to see, effectively.

We offer comprehensive Google remarketing services including campaign development, campaign management, and campaign reinforcement. Our AdWords remarketing campaign brings value to the customers. By converting viewers into customers, we make sure that you get a high return on investment.

The benefits of availing our services include:

  • Extensive support to set up your Google remarketing campaign.
  • Dedicated evaluation of your target audience that includes who visits the website, should we target your Facebook visitors, what ad copy should be used, and where to display them?
  • Ability to track your client’s behavior, and reminding them of your brand through different strategies.
  • Get the highest return on investment, increased conversions and important business leads through high-quality ad placements generated by our team of experts.
  • Rigorous analysis of your remarketing campaign’s performance in real-time, and its optimization at regular intervals – to increase traffic and proliferate conversions.