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Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is a concept that has gained prominence over the last few years only. To understand this concept, one must know how search engine results are displayed on a page. Commonly SERP (Search Engine Page Results) are the list of web pages shown by the search engine whenever we enter a query. While, there are certain web pages that are shown above the SERP, and are labeled as an advertisement. These are the PPC ads. Although PPC ads look identical to the SERP listings, it is only the label that distinguishes between the two.

Paid search ads are used by businesses of different sizes. It can be used by a startup to introduce itself to its audience, or a business whose customers have a prolific lifetime value such as institutes and healthcare companies, or firms that provide high margin services such as law firms and car rentals.


Paid search advertisements charge the advertisers some amount of money whenever a user clicks on the result. The cost per click can vary depending on several factors. It is important to understand when you set up a new paid search advertisement campaign, you will be asked to enter the amount you want to spend per click, and the total money you’re going to invest in the entire ad campaign.

Intrinsically, a paid search advertisement enhances the visibility of your brand on search engines and increases the traffic to your website that boosts your sales. However, one must wonder about why to spend money on paid search advertisements instead of using SEO techniques which are free. The answer to this question lies in the fact that generating organic traffic requires you to invest a lot of thought, time and effort in maintaining the quality of your content. It is important to understand that building quality content takes a lot of time as compared to paid search advertising which produces immediate results.


At INAUSCO, we provide you with tailor-made paid search advertising solutions. We ensure that you reach the audience which you didn’t even notice you had. Even if you’re promoting your content or building your pipeline, paid search advertising extends your reach and increase your customer engagement level.

We provide comprehensive paid search advertising solutions, such as:

Top the search engine results – real fast: The race for the top position in the search engine results involves consideration towards many factors. Despite your best efforts, you may not succeed in achieving the top spot. If you own a startup and want to build your online presence, then our paid search solutions offer you a great opportunity to reach your target audience in a few minutes.

Enhance your Reputation: By using our paid search solutions, users distinguish that you have used paid advertisements to be shown on the first page of the search engine results. Contrarily, this will not reflect poorly on your business and have no effect on your reputation. Likewise, as compared to the organic rankings, search engines have a certain set of requirements for paid rankings as well, to ensure that the ads shown to a user are relevant, authentic and trustworthy. Even with paid search advertisements, your ad rank does not solely depend on the how high was your bid but also on your quality score which determines the relevance between your keyword, ad text, and user query

Exclusive Search Analytics: With Google Ads, you get free real-time data and analytics about your advertising campaign. With this information, you can identify who clicked on your ad, where the person is located, average time spent by viewers on your website, pages of your website opened by the viewers, and the type of device they were using. The analytics show you the clear picture of what you’re getting from the money you’ve spent on the entire search ad campaign.