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Instagram advertising is the concept of paying to post sponsored content on Instagram. It is a popular notion among companies to increase their bandwidth through social media marketing. Instagram’s paid advertising service allows them to grow their brand image, website traffic, and reach. With the generation of new leads, companies can benefit from increased conversions and sales.

Instagram is purely a visual platform and advertisements on Instagram are in the form of graphics, images, illustrations, videos, and animations. It is a fast-paced network with a great scope for audience engagement. Instagram provides a great return on investment, brand exposure and capability to control the audience of your posts.


Instagram is one of the most engaging social media networks. Business companies are using Instagram actively to showcase their products and services and to increase their target audience reach. Instagram advertising allows you to generate brand awareness, increase engagement, and boost up conversions.

Demographically, the age range of 18 to 29, makes up to 55% of the total population on Instagram. With such acute information availability, Instagram allows you a granular control to specifically choose your target audience on the basis of age, gender, location, and interests.

Advertisers can utilize the marketing opportunities provided by Instagram’s paid advertising service. It uses Facebook’s demographic data to serve ads to appropriate users. This capability is incredibly useful for advertisers because Facebook has a fully detailed set of demographic options. It also saves you a lot of time if you’re using a combination of Instagram and Facebook advertising strategies to promote your brand.

Instagram’s paid advertising platform provides you with five main types of ad formats:

  • Image Ads: The image ads allow brands to convey their story or message effectively, and showcase the products with the help of compelling images. If your business reflects top-notch visual content, you can gain a large number of followers in a quick time.
  • Video Ads: The video ads allow your brand to present your message in the form of interesting and interactive videos. Videos provide a popular format for brands to capture the attention of a maximum number of users. People prefer to watch a video rather than reading a page of text.
  • Carousel Ads: These are ads that let users swipe through a series of images or videos, with specific call-to-action buttons incorporated into them. Carousel ads are an effective method to convey a long story about your brand. It allows you to present a multitude of products and services in a single post.
  • Canvas Story Ads: Advertisers use Facebook Canvas tool to create interactive videos for Instagram. The videos created through Facebook Canvas are optimized for mobile phones and provide a quick loading time. By using a wide range of templates, it is fairly easy to create an Instagram advertisement through the tool.
  • Story Ads: These are full-screen ads that appear as stories and can only be viewed by the people who follow your account. As with other ad formats on Instagram, you can select your target audience and the frequency of showing your ad. The story ads expire within the 24-hour limit, which makes them an ideal choice to share short-term offers and promotions.


At INAUSCO, we provide complete Instagram paid advertising solutions, in and out of Australia. Our Instagram marketing philosophy is based on three main postulates: Ad Creation, Ad Targeting, and Ad Optimization.

In the ad creation stage, we create appealing, captivating, strategic, and relevant ads for our customers. Our main emphasis is to build a flawless first impression and a message that enhances your brand image and credibility.

In the ad targeting stage, we promote your products and services and connect you with the right audiences that are willing to buy. We analyze your market and provide you detailed insights to discover your potential customers, and techniques to effectively increase sales.

In the ad optimization stage, we provide you with cost-effective strategies to optimize your advertising campaign. Our analysis of the market data provides you with information related to the best demographics for your business, and any modifications required in the ad campaign.

With the range of customizations and tailor-made solutions provided by us, you can make your Instagram ad campaign an instant success.