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An illustration is a visual interpretation of a text, idea, message or a process. As images can speak millions of words, and narrate stories that simple words can’t. A visual message or an idea is able to catalyze our mind more aptly than a generic text article. We are bound to be inspired by the ideas that provoke some sentiments in our mind. The same goes for digital illustrations, as an artful design can clearly define a brand’s philosophy and increase its engagement.

Typically, digital illustrations can be created in a number of different mediums as long as they are visually representing something. The most common usage of illustrations can be found in books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, and posters.

Besides, various custom illustrations are heavily used by every online business today. From vivid icons to banners and video animations, digital illustrations are the main focus of brands to creatively convey their message to the target audience. Illustrations also serve an important function in the fashion industry, where illustrators create new designs for various fashion houses, and independent fashion designers.


Digital illustrations have certain prerequisites that make them different from other forms of visual graphics. In an illustration, ideas are carefully woven together with a narrative, and a well-defined purpose. The rule is simple – if an illustration fails to define your brand message, then you will fail to engage your target audience. Hence, it is very important that you use clear, concise and thought-provoking ideas in your illustrations.

With the changing trends of our society, visual marketing has become the bread and butter of advertising agencies as it offers them a rich storytelling capability. Generally, people have the tendency to remember visuals better than words. Therefore, it has become mandatory for brands to reflect their personality through visual marketing. Thus, digital illustrations can be used to help your customers to identify the ideas or message attached to your brand that translates into business growth.

Over the past few years, social networks have become a natural platform for achieving fast business growth through online marketing. Today, every content marketer promotes its content to ‘go viral’. Digital illustrations have a stronger likelihood of becoming popular on social media as compared to simple text-based content. Hence, it is the tendency of various digital marketers to promote their brands on social media through smartly designed digital illustrations.

Further, with the use of digital illustrations, you can persuade, inform and aware your target audience of your product and services. Artfully created illustrations can be used to enhance your brand messaging and to express emotions. Apart from increasing the chances of making people click on something, illustrations also promote the people to consume your content as potential customers.


At INAUSCO, we have a team of highly skilled and professional digital illustrators, who are adept at creating a wide array of illustrations for every project type. Our main philosophy is to bring true value to the quality and authenticity of our client’s brand. Besides, we are experts in creating digital, technical, and hand-drawn illustrations to cater the diverse requirements of our clients.

The entire illustration design process at INAUSCO encompasses different stages. Primarily, we analyze your requirements including a clear character definition and style. Once we have received the detailed description from your end, we will assign our creative team to create a draft sketch. This draft sketch includes a number of rough designs created by hand or using specialized software such as the Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw to create vector illustrations. Once you approve a particular design, we add textures and stylized hues to the draft and integrate it into the storyboard. After rendering the design, we perform multiple quality checks to ensure that the designed illustration meets our quality standards. After that, we share the completed design in your preferred format (FTP, VPN, or any other transfer method).

We ensure that you are comprehensively satisfied with the final design. In addition, we offer the unlimited number of concepts and revisions on the projects so that you are enthralled with the final results.