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Ecommerce & CMS

Optimistic statistical figures related to the exponential growth rate of e-commerce are pushing brick-and-mortar businesses to a thing of past, increasingly encouraging enterprises to adopt the next-generation business model, which is getting bigger at a dramatic pace.

The rapid expansion of global e-commerce is fueling the need for the development of visually-appealing and responsive e-commerce platforms, as enterprises are rushing to tap into the multi-trillion-dollar online market segment.

With this, businesses across the industrial spectrum are looking forward to boosting up their online presence by associating with specialized e-commerce web developers, efficient in managing both custom and turnkey projects using state-of-the-art CMS development solutions.

Precisely, the hunt is on for professionally-managed e-commerce web development companies, capable of offering a comprehensive range of services, integrating the best-in-class functionalities that empower brands to stand out in today’s highly competitive e-commerce marketplace.


Performance-optimized CMS web development is essentially the prime factor that drives seamless operability of content-rich e-commerce websites. Typically, there are four open-source Content Management Systems (CMS), namely, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, which allow customization of CMS web development according to the needs of the client.

Illustrated below are key functionalities of the above-mentioned Content Management Systems that are a driving force of high-feature e-commerce portals.


The cutting-edge Magento CMS web development framework can be used to deploy a variety of custom-made e-commerce solutions, including web designing and development, customization of themes and modules, shopping cart development, as well as support and maintenance for the overall website. Magento CMS, additionally, provides support for extension development, and the integration of third-party applications, which smartly optimize the website’s performance.


Drupal is one of the most widely adopted CMS platforms that facilitate the creation of ultra-responsive e-commerce websites. The Content Management System, fully-loaded with avant-garde features, can be used to design a range of CMS development services, such as web development, support, and maintenance, theme creation, template customization, and plug-in integration. Drupal’s CMS solution, which also allows easy migration, paves the way for interactive e-commerce website designs with a distinct look.


Joomla is one of the world’s most preferred CMS architecture to build high-performance websites, web-based applications, and e-commerce portals. The premier extensions included in Joomla CMS, allow developers to turn out sharp and responsive e-commerce web designs that attract traffic and drive sales. In addition to web development and maintenance services, the industrial-grade Joomla Content Management System, with an advanced layout, is ideal for a host of CMS development solutions like theme designing, template customization, module development, and component addition. Efficient application of Joomla’s open-source CMS solutions leads to the development of feature-rich, user-centric e-commerce websites that maximize the chances of sale conversion.

The popularity of WordPress CMS has soared to a phenomenal height for its superb SEO friendliness, easy-to-use admin interface, ready themes, and the availability of diverse plug-ins that enable the creation of intuitive website designs. WordPress-based e-commerce web development solutions facilitate website design and development, custom template designs, migration support, and theme customization along with PSD (Photoshop Document) to WordPress conversion. The resourceful WordPress CMS platform is much-loved by coders around the world, for its versatile dimensions, capable of producing superlative design outputs.


An industry leader in the domain of CMS development, INAUSCO ranks as a top-preferred e-commerce web development company for small to medium and large-scale businesses, for its innovative, game-changing solutions. The company, employing a set of highly-adept programmers, enables the development of feature-loaded e-commerce websites that guarantee improved conversion rates. Besides customized theme designing, the first-rate e-commerce web development company also facilitates search engine optimization, e-commerce marketplace development, shopping cart customization, and integration of secure payment gateways, using top-of-the-line CMS development architectures. Take a look at INAUSCO’s extensive portfolio of e-commerce web development projects, and ask for a free quote today!