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Every business organization maintains a certain frame of mind in the public eye. The process of identifying what your prospective customers are thinking or feeling about your brand; and taking important measures to ensure that the public opinion is in line with your business objectives is called reputation management. It also includes shaping the public perception of an organization by influencing online information.

Reputation management incorporates using social media analytics to monitor the current public opinion of a particular business or brand. A dedicated campaign can be developed to resolve any problems that are revealed by the analytics. Dedicated social media reputation management campaigns can be developed to increase the visibility to increase favorable opinions while decreasing the visibility of unfavorable opinions. Business organizations and brands follow an effective protocol to proliferate reputation management by promoting their brand honestly and engaging with their customers online.


Reputation management is used by companies and brands to reinforce and enhance their public image. It provides a number of benefits to business organizations that include:

  • Higher Trust: Brands with a solid online reputation management strategy enables them to build trust in their target audience. A trustworthy brand is more likely to be recommended by the people in their social circles.
  • Higher Profits: Brands with good credibility and reviews is more likely to generate business than a company with a poor reputation. If a brand is regarded as trustworthy and authentic, then the people inherently gravitate towards buying its products.
  • Better Talent Acquisition: People tend to work at companies with a solid reputation. It is important for your business organization to maintain positive workplace reviews, post relevant content and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. Creating a positive outlook for your company attracts top talent to work for your firm.
  • Lesser Risk: Companies that suffer from poor online reputation are neglected by their audience. People deviate towards other brands and companies once they become aware of a company’s poor reputation in the market. Such companies run into a risk of financial loss, poor growth, and dissent among the employees.

The way people perceive a brand has a direct influence on its overall sales, profitability, and smooth running. With the rise of social media networks, advertising has shifted from conventional methods to PPC ads and SEO. The focus of companies is to actively engage their audience in order to build a solid online reputation.


We at INAUSCO, provide online reputation management consultancy by using cutting-edge tools to bring you distinctive benefits. Our reputation management methodology enables you to monitor your brand’s mentions, the width of influence, and visibility on various review websites. Our philosophy works to present you the opinion of your target audience whether it is positive or negative.

Our comprehensive solutions gather information from different sources and present your insights on how and where to improve your brand. We use a range of specific tools to track the reputation of your competitors that allows you to analyze how they are viewed by their audience. This knowledge can be used to gain an advantage in your own promotion efforts.

Our team of reputation management experts constantly monitors your brand’s mentions and regularly present comprehensive reports to you. We believe that reputation management is not just about countering negative content and generating positive opinions amongst your audience. It involves building a solid reputation that is synonymous with your brand’s core values and principles. We precisely consider the requirements of your target market so that you can have a proactive online reputation management strategy in place.

Our dedicated solutions for social media reputation management include comprehensive support for enhancing your brand reputation on different social media networks. As Facebook is home to over 600 million users, it has an enormous potential to build a solid brand reputation. We provide steadfast Facebook reputation management solutions to boost your social media presence and credibility.