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Framework Development

A web application framework, or simply a web framework, is a software platform engineered to aid the creation of diverse web-enabled applications, such as web APIs, web resources, and various web-based services. The frameworks are essentially designed to offer developers a standardized platform to create and implement a multitude of end-user web applications. Web frameworks intend to automate and simplify the complexities of web development, which are an intrinsic part of the building process.

Over the past few years, the cost associated with launching digital products has decreased at an exponential rate.

This can be primarily attributed to the emergence of open-source web frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Zend, and others. In this day and age, software products can be rapidly developed using these advanced frameworks, at a fraction of the cost than what it used to be ten years ago.

Furnished below is a high-quality sum-up of some popular open-source web frameworks that are ideal for data-intensive web applications. The overview presented below will help you to make informed decisions in choosing the framework that suits your business model.

Why is Framework Development so important?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) : Developing modern web applications is a daunting piece of work. Thanks to Ruby on Rails, its state-of-the-art open-source framework makes the arduous task of building complex web applications much easier. Written in Ruby language, RoR integrates every tool needed to build stunning, dynamic websites. Chances are, you have already used many applications that are built with Ruby on Rails. Some of the big names are Airbnb, Basecamp, Shopify, SoundCloud, Cookpad, Highrise, Square, Zendesk, Hulu, and Twitch. Besides the big players, literally, there are thousands of web applications developed with RoR since the release of this highly-advanced open-source framework in 2004. Ruby on Rails is ideal for developing unique, business-specific solutions, including Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

CodeIgniter: One of the most trusted open-source web frameworks, CodeIgniter is used to create dynamic web applications with PHP. The high-grade web framework is based on MVC (model–view–controller), which is a popular web development pattern. Famed for its blazing speed and small footprint, CodeIgniter arms developers with a sophisticated toolkit to produce feature-rich web applications. The robust open-source web framework can cater optimized web-enabled solutions to diverse industries. The high-powered PHP framework is best suited for eCommerce solutions, stunning web portals, and varied corporate applications.

Zend: Zend Framework, commonly known as ZF, is another high-performance web application framework, implementing PHP. The open source web development platform, licensed under the New BSD License, is basically a smorgasbord of PHP-based professional packages. Zend is noted for its rich library and smooth interface that pave the way for the development of highly-scalable web applications. Leading web development companies make use of Zend Studio, and Zend Core, along with the open source Zend framework, to provide a myriad of web development services to customers across varying industry verticals. Loaded with an extensive array of add-ons, the powerful Zend web framework comes with inherent capabilities to incorporate a number of third-party applications, which makes it an ultimate choice for complicated web development projects.

Why work with INAUSCO?

With the advent of the above-mentioned frameworks, creating new web applications has become easier like never before, but developing tailor-made products according to client-specific needs, continue to remain a monumental challenge. It needs a clear vision and deep understanding of the open source frameworks to create solutions that solve the business-focused requirements of customers. INAUSCO with a team of dedicated professionals has a striking record of completing high-end web development projects that have won the appreciation of clients for delivering superlative digital experiences. INAUSCO proven methodologies, unparalleled expertise, decades of experience and futuristic outlook bring into being innovative web development solutions that are tailored in accordance with the business strategies of customers. Such personalized approach helps customers to scale frontiers, making their businesses more accessible to the world.