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Call Tracking

Call tracking is a system by which the marketers measure the value generated by the inbound calls that they make on a regular basis. This technology helps users to make toll-free or international calls to their clients or customers. The system is quite cheaper compared to direct teleservices. The numbers can be associated with web pages, ads, keywords, target audiences and many more. The resulting tracking is measured using dashboards or reports, through CRM. When you capture the tracked data into the CRM tool, the call tracking data gets shared with the inside sales team who are attending to the inbound calls. The data that is gathered can be used for the purpose of communicating with the buyers. This helps sales representatives to converse in a more intelligent way.

The conversion of potential leads to customers can be tracked using a Call conversion tracking system. The mode of conversion can also be tracked effectively. If the calls are from ads, campaigns, keywords, add groups, social media or website can also be tracked effectively. The call conversion tracking system enables you to track the development of your business. This will help you get real-time updates on your data. The data can be reused at any point in time. Hence the lead conversion is quite easier. The data cannot be missed or replaced elsewhere, once it is stored in your CRM. Hence never miss another lead! With call conversion tracking, you can track the lead to customer conversion process.


Get an idea on which of the keywords, campaigns, ads or ad groups are performing well, receive the real-time data on which of the campaigns have performed well for your business. So how do you analyze the real-time data and get clear insights into your sales team performance? Call tracking and Call conversion tracking will help in clearly analyzing which campaigns are a hit among the audience.

  • To know your Return On Investment (ROI):- To get a clear-cut idea on your return on investment (ROI), analytic call tracking and call conversion tracking is essential. The amount of money invested in the ad campaigns should have been productive. It must attract your potential leads to taking actions by clicking in the ads or campaigns. The leads must get converted to customers. Only if you understand all this, you will be able to build an everlasting relationship with you.
  • To improve your decision-making:- Businesses should make clear decisions on their earnings, campaigns and social media actions. The decisions should not be taken out of predictions. The real-time data is available in front of you. Make better decisions by referring to the data. It is equally important to calculate the return on investment (ROI) and make better decisions on the basis of trends, well-going campaigns, and other factors.
  • To automate the bid-strategy: – The automated bid-strategies such as target CPA, target CTC, and target ROAS can be used to optimize your ad campaigns automatically. This will be done in accordance with your business goals and theme.
  • To reduce your manual works: – No more manual works on calculating the progress. The process can be automated and the progress can be viewed in real-time. Depending on your manual workforce to complete all the tasks is unnecessary. The analytic call tracking and call conversion tracking will reduce the amount of work stress that is imposed on your workforce.


INAUSCO take pride in providing quality Analytic call tracking and Call conversion tracking services by which you can track your lead status and understand the progress of your sales team. Get accommodated to the best call tracking and call conversion services that help you to build better customer experience. Our team of professionals can use the call tracking and call conversion services to take your business to the next level. Do trust our services to leave that better impact on your customers. Do not depend on more manual work and less automation and fear losing client data.