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It was in the 1980s when the journey of digital marketing technology started. The Sales Force Automation, now known as CRM exploded in the 1990s and changed the game of business. With new entrants like Oracle, SAP, and Baan, competitors were forced to broaden their services.

Over the past two decades, technology has completely changed the way companies operate. Be it communication, marketing or manufacturing, there isn’t a single industry that technology hasn’t disrupted. While technology is changing at a rocket speed, it is important for companies to embrace this innovation and change with it. Today technology has helped businesses automate their work process, streamline workflow and deliver optimum output.

Automating processes helps in making the complicated business process easier to manage. It gives you better control over your work and helps you to manage the huge volume of work, easily and efficiently. Time saved because this automation gives businesses an opportunity to focus on more important things. Right from simplifying the process of capturing consumer data, technology enables a business to explore endless ways to grow better and efficient.

Remember the days when businesses used to market products by placing ads on newspapers and magazines, signboard around the store, having salespeople go door to door. While those activities still happen, there are new mediums available now. Today, you’re much likely to receive an emailer, see a Facebook post or land on a website through search engine. Technology has transformed the rules of marketing.

New technology, like AI, keeps the company and client connected. Online customer chat platforms have been enhanced using apps created using AI scripts. These programs can learn from customer information and help them solve problems and find solutions on demand.

Personalization is another way technology has helped businesses maximize their customer interactions. AR technology has proven to be a great marketing tool as it offers all the users an additional advantage of understanding and experience when engaging with a product. It is more than just reading brochure content or seeing an ad, where customers can engage in a unique and trial-based type of experience.

With technological advancement advertising through a video has also changed drastically. Today, a business can develop a custom video content and target specifically to the customers he knows would connect with it the most.

The impact of digital technologies on marketing strategies and businesses will continue to grow and enhance all industries. We at Inausco put you at pace with the ever-changing technology. We make your business future-ready by choosing the right technological services for your business as well as for marketing. We show you how integrating human potentials with technology can help you maximize your impact and explore new possibilities. We equip you with right and updated technologies which will enable you to overcome old and new challenges.

Backed by seasoned professionals and specialist, Inausco is your one-stop solution for the best technology services. We understand your unique requirement and devise a solution that moves you closer to your business goal. Our technology services help you operate your business more efficiently, improve your productivity and create newer opportunities. We have helped several companies globally with CRM, CMS, Cloud and other such technology services. We guide you through the entire journey and give tailor-made and cost-effective solutions. If you’re looking to create the better user experience, manage content effectively or want a disruptive marketing strategy – connect with us today.