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Visual identities

Visual identity includes all the visual inputs associated with a brand. It includes the logo, graphics, banners, and other visuals used to communicate your brand image. Predominantly, it is a manifestation of how your product will be visually shown to your target audience. The deliverance can be visual or involve other sensations such as sound, taste, and touch; depending on the type of product being displayed to the audience.

Technically, visual identity design is a collaboration of various visual design elements to communicate your brand image. The main objective of visual identities is to promote your brand by communicating your message to the customers.

Certain feelings are evoked in the minds of the consumers when they identify a specific product. These feelings portray symbolic meanings which cannot be conveyed through words alone.


Visual identity is a quintessential tool for your brand to set a distinctive tone amongst your target audience. It involves a fair share of creativity to convey a clear and crisp message about a brand. Besides, it keeps your brand on top of the customer’s mind.

A brand’s visual identity can leverage it to stand out amongst your competitors, and allow you to gain an advantage. It forms a core element of your brand’s image, which is a result of months, years and decades of persistent iteration.

To create an effective image of your brand you require an authentic branding strategy. This includes personality, positioning, and differentiation authorized to reflect your brand’s aesthetic appeal. These insights will drive your target audience’s perception and create a solid visual identity. Inherently, every brand’s success is measured in the way its customers perceive it.

When your competition is fierce then you have to make sure that the first impression of your brand is flawless in the minds of the consumers. With the advent of TV and Internet advertising, the window you have to leave an impact on your audience’s minds is very little. Hence, you require a clean and crisp visual representation of your brand so that people can find it authentic, reliable and trustworthy.


At INAUSCO, we ensure to improve your company’s logo design, color scheme, social media presence and other visuals to build a distinct corporate presence. Our focus is to allow your brand to narrate its own special story, which can leave an indelible impact on your target audience.

We understand that your brand represents your business across several touch points. Hence, our team of creative professionals helps you to create a strong brand identity with impeccable visual elements that gravitate to a strong brand recall value.

At INAUSCO, we deliberately work to ensure that the message, values, and personality of your business are conveniently reflected through the visual elements. We believe that visual identity must boost up the intended message of a brand, and should sell customers into why they must do business with your brand.

Unlike our competition, we follow a pioneering route by remaining proactive for the many challenges coming our way. Our range of services is not just limited to startups as we also cater to businesses who are looking to revamp their market strategy and reputation through the use of an impressive brand identity campaign. In addition, we make sure that your efforts make it count by improving engagement and brand perception through stunning visual designs.