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Lead Generation

Today, consumers do a thorough online research before buying a product or service. And, thus lead generation becomes an important part of your every digital marketing campaign.




It is a process of identifying and securing potential buyers who are likely to buy your brand, thus transforming them from a lead to a valuable consumer. Lead generation strategies can be implemented in different ways to drive optimum ROI. You can differentiate lead generation into two types, inbound and outbound.

Inbound marketing is about creating powerful and relevant content which attracts a potential customer, often before they are even thinking of making a purchase. There are multiple inbound marketing channels like blogs, search engines, and social media. While outbound is exactly opposite to inbound marketing. Here the customers find you when they need you.


At INAUSCO, we work relentlessly to drive leads from multiple online platforms and engage with your prospective consumer. We provide you with a customized lead generation services, which not only scale-up your sales number but will also reduce underperforming marketing budgets and operational overheads. Track your visitors’ action on your site, landing page, customized content to scoring leads, we take you through the entire journey. So, learn more about the lead generation with us and get ready to raise your sales target.

We help you right from procuring data to training your staff on how to approach a lead. Our digital lead services include SMS and email campaigns, telemarketing, CRM licensing, system integration, and inbound lead qualification.

Our team of experts analyzes every lead generation campaign through a meticulous metric giving you right results.


We thoughtfully design campaign based on your consumer’s persona. We prepare your website to engage with your consumers, attract the new audience through blog posts and other content.

Our professional telemarketers will reach the right leads with the right pitch, ultimately connecting the consumer with your sales team. INAUSCO also provide training to your sales staff. Here we take your team through extensive sessions which prepares them to pitch the potential consumers with the right information.

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