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Start-Up PPC

The Internet has become a highly-crowded and competitive environment. Even the companies operating in highly niche areas have to face a lot of competition due to the influx of thousands of new companies over the past few years in every domain. With every business firm trying to gain an upper hand, PPC has emerged to be one such marketing technique that has been amongst the most targeted way for businesses to reach out to their target audience.

Businesses have suffered due to continuous changes in the search engine and social network algorithms. Over the past few years, social networks and search engines have shifted their focus towards paid advertisement and as a result, unpaid content has been left stranded. The world’s most popular search engine – Google, has also changed its ranking algorithms to promote PPC rich advertisements and snippets on your screen.

Technically, PPC is the payment for a particular internet user to carry out the desired action while clicking on a specific call-to-action. Inherently, it is a complicated process that involves controlling a number of parameters to optimize your business potential.


PPC advertising is an advantageous tool for startups. Through a PPC campaign startups can reach new customers and grow. With PPC marketing campaigns, startups can benefit from accurately estimating up to 10,000 searches per day, and drive more than a hundred visitors to their official website at a limited cost. With a conversion rate factor of almost 2.5%, any business can gain on an average of two clients per day. When considering such a conversion rate over the period of six months or a year, the results are highly promising. However, it is important to understand that not all businesses can work with the above-stated model, but it shows how a new company can gain formidable benefits just from an effective PPC campaign.

PPC acts as a great tool for startups because generally, it takes a lot of time for a new website to rank higher in the search engine results. A strategically crafted PPC shows you immediate results. An immediate return on investment is always better than waiting over several months for organic SEO campaigns to achieve traction. Additionally, the domain name is one of the factors duly considered by the search engine algorithms to rank different websites. This can impact the ranking of new websites. Hence, it is recommended to initially invest in PPC to gain an upper hand in increasing your rankings.

Every PPC campaign starts with customer research. You need to know what your customers are looking for, and what methods they’re using to find it. Developing a PPC campaign without a proper research will be consequential for your business. If your audience is not using the keywords you target, then your campaign can become a failure. Targeting the wrong keywords not only ruins your money but it also makes a negative image for your business.


At INAUSCO, we strive to deliver excellent results by having the acumen to help you reach your target audience with definitive analytics. Our industry-oriented PPC campaigns show you the results instantaneously. We are a passionate group of individuals indulged in building profitable solutions for our clients with their customers. Our PPC specialists provide you with unparalleled results and turnkey solutions in your race to become a market leader.

With our detailed and well-planned PPC campaigns, you get:

  • Improved Return on Investment: With our effective PPC advertising campaign in action, you get a high increase in return on investment and brand exposure.
  • Better Leads: Our actionable strategies ensure that you are able to generate a greater number of customer leads and get an increase in the overall sales.
  • Campaign Report Management: We provide you with a dedicated campaign report management services which examine your current market position and provide you with the solution to improve it further.

We help you to effectively advertise on search engines and social networks and create a new market for your brand that strengthens your position amongst your customers. Remember, you only have one opportunity to convert your audience into customers. Make sure to capitalize it by using our PPC consultations services.