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Digital marketing

Digitization has changed the rules of marketing. Over the years digital marketing has grown stronger and better than any other traditional marketing method. We help you leverage this platform to create a strong digital platform.

At Inausco, we understand different brands have different business objectives and hence our digital marketing specialist provides you with custom strategies which will help you meet your unique goals and ensure better conversions. With digital platform booming, the attention span of consumers is dropping. In such times, our robust digital marketing services ensure that your brand breaks the clutter and achieves a greater recall value. Right from driving traffic to your website to engaging and getting leads, we are your one-stop solution for every digital marketing need. Let’s take a closer look at our services.



After all said and done, one thing that matters the most for business is conversions. And, website alone can’t get you the conversions. It is important to understand if your website is user-friendly, how the users are interacting with your website and analyzing the journey of a user.

We provide you with customized conversion rate optimization service which is based on your current website performance and commercial goals. Our approach towards each brand is unique and the tools we use differ from client to client. We help you analyze the current status of your website and the loopholes in your system. Based on that we provide you with a complete plan and strategy which will help you build a strong digital presence and boost your conversion rates.


Pay Per Click

Competing online is getting difficult as more and more brands are shifting their focus to digital marketing. In that case, you need to be sure that your ad shows up at the right time to the right person. Wondering, how can that happen? Start with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Our skilled team of paid search professionals, work towards getting you maximum conversions at lowest spends. With our expertise in Pay Per Click advertising, we purchase top spots for relevant keywords on search engines, mobile apps and other websites. Inausco’s Pay Per Click management services will help you optimize your online presence and generate instant traffic to your website. We understand your objective and help you achieve it through a systematic paid search campaign. Here’s a list of services you can look forward to for your brands.


Search Engine Optimization

There is over 40% of world population browsing through the internet. And, that means a lot of searches are happening every second. Now, without a strong backing of SEO that awesome piece of content on your brand will never reach your potential consumer. Including the right keywords in your content will help you pop-up right at the top of search results.

That’s where our SEO team will help you out. We carefully study your business, users, objectives and devise a tailored search engine optimization strategy. Our team of professional constantly strives to optimize your websites by implementing right keywords and making it search engine friendly. Our search engine optimization services are supported by the best digital practices, to boost your traffic and ranking that drives business for your site. Check out our set of SEO services.


Social Media Marketing

Your digital presence is incomplete without the right social media marketing. Social media is now a part of our everyday life and users are constantly consuming a lot of social media content. With such an extensive reach, we can’t ignore the strength of social media marketing. If you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, then you’re losing out big.

Social media users are always looking for intriguing and engaging content. We understand that need and work with you to make your brand interesting and appealing on social media platforms. In the world of social media there are plenty of brands, ever-changing algorithm and limited exposure; we simplify all of that by formulating an effective social media marketing strategy. Right from setting up your account to driving user engagement we do it all. Check out all the services under social media marketing.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the oldest yet the most effective marketing technique when it comes to ROI. This also means that email marketing is being used by almost every other brand. Then, how can you look different in the inbox of your consumers.

Our email marketing services employ effective conversation that helps you achieve great conversion. We have worked across multiple industry verticals, helping brands select right email marketing platform and maximizing the performance to better the results. Our team of professionals ensure your email campaigns are buzzing in every inbox and are not lost in the cyber-space or stuck in your potential user’s spam folder. We collaborate with you to create effective email marketing strategy and help you reach your users at right time with relevant and interesting content.


Content Marketing

Content is the king. Today, ignoring content quality is equal to ignoring a great opportunity. It is important for brands to create content which is not just unique, effective and authentic but also engaging, entertaining and relevant. Right content strategy helps in building brand awareness, drives footfall and improves sale.

Our content marketing team offers tailored campaigns targeting the right platforms with appropriate content. We help you create content for blogs, social media, PR articles and other digital platforms. Our media relations and years of experience, helps us to deliver content that drives engagement, conversations and ultimately conversions. Here’s a complete list of content marketing servics.