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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a form of advertising specifically developed for smartphones, tablets and other types of cellular phones. It is a subset of mobile marketing and it can be carried out through text messages, banner advertisements, and downloadable apps. Companies like Google and Facebook show user-specific mobile advertisements based on a user’s buying behavior, preferences, likes, interests, and browsing history. Importantly, mobile devices have a limited screen size as compared to laptops and computers. Hence, mobile advertisements are specifically optimized to be displayed on small screen sized mobile phones.

Predominantly, the total number of user-owned smartphones outnumbers the total user-owned TV sets in the ratio 3:1. Hence, the chances of an individual seeing the mobile search advertisement are higher than a TV or print media advertisement. Generally, the mobile-based advertisements work on the principle of cost per install (CPI), which is a payment based on the number of users installing a particular mobile app.


In its early days, mobile advertisements were merely SMS text messages directed at generic mobile phone owners. Slowly with time, it evolved into mobile web and in-app advertisements. Usually, an app is offered free of cost to the user, but the app owner generates revenue from the ads incorporated in the app. To remove such advertisements, the user has to purchase an ad-free version of the app. Mobile advertisement incorporates various concepts of mobile marketing, as it utilizes personal data such as browsing history, and location to showcase personalized advertisements based on a user’s preferences. Whereas, there are certain mobile advertisements that only appear when you’re in a close proximity to a specific landmark or location.

Technically, there are different types of mobile phone advertisements used by the advertisers to promote a product, service or a brand. These types are:

  • Banner: It is the most popular mobile advertisement format. It uses a peculiar banner at the top or bottom of the screen, featuring relevant text and graphics. Banner advertisements are heavily dependent on brand recognition. Generally, it is considered the safest way for a brand to get noticed by a maximum number of people.
  • Native: These types of ads blend in with the publisher’s app and don’t look like ads at all. The seamless integration of the ad into the app is intentionally done to make sure that the user experience doesn’t depreciate.
  • Video: Video ads are incorporated into many modern-day smartphone applications. It includes playing random video ads at regular intervals. Such ads provide a high level of user engagement but also require a substantial budget.
  • Interstitial: These types of ads are interactive and offer a high-level of user engagement. Often, these ads are displayed across the entire screen showcasing a particular product with a compelling call-to-action.
  • Rich Media:These advertisements specialize in providing creatively engaging content that engages the users to generate high CTR and conversions. Such ads are highly dynamic and are only constrained by the advertiser’s creative prowess and budget.


At INAUSCO, we cater to our clients’ needs to create highly-successful mobile advertising campaigns that entice, engage, and convert the viewers into potential customers. We believe in quickly delivering results and improving your ROI.

Before initiating the advertisement design process, we conduct a baseline Mobile PPC Audit on your present mobile traffic. Further, we analyze your mobile market opportunity on the basis of your niche and target audience. Then, we craft a tailor-made strategy to expand your customer reach from SEO to PPC.

Additionally, our team of experts can create intriguing mobile landing pages for your brand. We ensure fast load times, seamless mobile navigation and efficient content placement in our landing pages.

We ensure that our customers can choose from a variety of mobile advertising options, with each technique perfected to engage the users in an authentic and meaningful manner. Our team excels in data-driven targeting and innovations to provide an unparalleled user experience to our customers.