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What is E-commerce Optimization?

E-commerce optimization involves the combination of different approaches to delivering an interactive and impressive experience to your customers. Intrinsically, it is the amalgamation of user flow optimization, navigation, webpage responsiveness, multi-platform support, and purchase optimization.

E-commerce websites receive traffic from the desktop as well as mobile users. It is essential for an e-commerce website to provide an equally impressive experience across different platforms and devices.

The main principle of every e-commerce business is to maximize the sale of their products. The most important part of every e-commerce website is the product page, and optimizing product pages to increase customer engagement forms the basis of every successful e-commerce company.


E-commerce optimization brings a number of benefits to your business. With a large number of e-commerce companies in the market, the competition is fierce. To get a competitive advantage, you need to convert your page visitors into customers. To achieve this, you need a website which is interactive, user-friendly and engaging to your viewers.

Your website viewers have a short attention span. This means that an average user is unable to find what he needs or how to find out quickly what he needs. This is due to the fact that users don’t have a long attention span to stay on a website and patiently search for the product or service they require. Users have the intention to choose a website that readily provides them what they need even at a higher price point. E-commerce optimization counters this mentality and increases your sales.

E-commerce optimization is also a cost-effective method to boost up your business. It provides trackable and quantifiable results which you can use to tweak your website. With comprehensive analytics and discreet metrics, you can get precise demographic information about individuals who have visited or interacted with your website. With e-commerce optimization, you can also trace the paths which individuals take to complete a sale.

To make your navigation easy for users, e-commerce optimization involves rearranging the structure of your website and incorporating links to make pages within the website easier to navigate. This also allows search engines to crawl your e-commerce website and find pages effectively. E-commerce optimization also translates into more exposure to your website that increases the brand awareness amongst your audience.

When your e-commerce website presents rich content to the viewers in the form of quality photographs, content, and user-interface; your credibility and trustworthiness as a brand increase. When a large number of viewers are enticed by your website, it reflects in the form of increased traction and sales.

In comparison with PPC ad campaigns, E-commerce SEO provides a better return on investment. Unlike other methods of online marketing which can take days or months to show effect, e-commerce optimization delivers instant results.


At INAUSCO, we deliver comprehensive e-commerce optimization solutions to cater to all your business requirements. Our method to perform e-commerce optimization involves focusing on the effectiveness of the product page itself. We understand that an approach to target long-tail keywords can provide qualified and conversion-ready traffic to your e-commerce website. It includes effectively optimizing the title, headings, content, images on the product page with the longtail strategy in mind.

Our e-commerce SEO services also include the use of interactive content to turn passive website viewers into active participants. The main focus of our approach is to compel the users into interacting with different elements on a page. This interaction can be in the form of sharing, liking, commenting on or raising a query. We also make sure that you only use high-quality photographs for your products. The clarity and resolution of a photograph can influence the customer to precisely visualize a product and improve your conversion rate.

Our expertise as an e-commerce SEO agency provides you:

  • A comprehensive audit of your e-commerce website
  • Analytical configuration and metrics assessment
  • Detailed user experience evaluation
  • In-house test creation and implementation