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Google Shopping Advertising

Google Shopping advertising is also known as Product Listing Ads or PLAs, which is a paid shopping ads program by Google. This program includes Google Shopping data feed, Google Merchant Center (dashboard) and the PLA campaign section of Google AdWords.

The PLAs are essentially available to advertisers who have some physical products for sale. The best part of this program is that you get to show the audience how your product looks like and what is its price before they even open your website.

The ability of shopping ads to convey the required information more effectively than the text ads puts the seller at a distinct advantage. Your website visitors already know how your product looks like and how much is its price. It is a major reason for the increasing popularity of Google Shopping Advertising.


Your business requires its name at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), to drive the audience to purchase your products. As your product advertisements appear whenever they match keywords entered by the user, prospects need not be familiar to your brand to locate you on Google.

Google Shopping Ads puts your product above the organic search results that effectively expand your brand’s visibility. PLAs are effective because your products are only shown when matched with a customer’s entered keywords. This translates to the fact that your products are only displayed to those individuals who are already interested in what you sell.

Google Shopping Ads have a higher conversion rate than text ads. Your business deserves a better return on investment, and Google Shopping Ads lets you achieve that by accurately focusing only on the right customers. If a user is not looking for your product, the PLA is not shown.

Due to a high conversion rate and efficient targeting of potential customers, Google PLAs are more suitable than AdWords for your business. With Google Shopping Advertising, you can sell your products to shoppers who are looking out for what you offer, and you only pay when clicking through to your website. By providing relevant product information, Google Shopping Advertising improves the quality of your leads.

hoppers strive to make an informed purchasing decision. Visually informative, and feature-rich PLAs can drive visitors on your website with a high intent to purchase. Unlike the text ads, the Google Shopping Ads has no dependency on the keywords. Your product data feed reflects what keywords are relevant. By sending your product data to Google, you get relevant keywords for your products.


At INAUSCO, we deliver comprehensive Google Shopping campaigns that have high PPC conversion rates. We understand that setting up a PLA campaign requires substantial effort and management. It is a time intensive process but produces more benefits than Search Advertising.

To make a PLA campaign effective, relentless focus on parameters such as conversion rate, average order values, and repeat orders is required. That is why we provide PPC services that not only promote your business but also drive sales.

Our motive is to develop sales-drives campaigns for you. With our expertise in developing effective PLA campaigns, you just have to upload your product data and let thousands of shoppers visualize your online or in-store inventory.

What we deliver with Google Shopping Ads include:

  • Mobile-ready PLAs that appear first in the search results and enhance the visibility of your products.
  • We also provide dedicated strategies to optimize product feed and manage the Merchant Center.
  • Dedicated metrics that allow you to check how your Google Shopping campaign is performing in real-time.
  • Landing page optimization to proliferate sales, once a viewer has clicked on your advertisement.
  • Our PLA services produce real, tangible and accurate results. We optimize your Google Shopping Advertising campaign to compressively achieve your objectives.

By availing our range of PLA management services, you can gain a considerable advantage in your industry. We duly understand the requirement of online retailers and formulate winning advertising campaigns.