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Some people are of the opinion that copywriting is a newly emerging industry. It is not true. Copywriting, in fact, has been around for hundreds of years. Even a ‘wanted’ poster in the Wild West showcased copywriting skills of some degree. Since then, what has transformed is how people convey information and their platform of communication. In the 21st century, the primordial form of copywriting is becoming outdated, but what remains constant, is the art of storytelling.

What exactly is 21st century copywriting? Well, new-age copywriting services involve the technique of producing written content for digital mediums like blogs, websites, emails, or social media.

Through the power of written words, the primary objective of copywriting is to persuade the target audience into taking a particular action. With persuasion at the center, digital copywriting is all about creating engaging content that informs or entertains the viewers, which, in turn, uplifts the brand appeal of an enterprise.

Now, that can be termed as good copywriting. But what separates the great from good, is the implementation of empathy. The capacity to sense the emotions of other people is the core component of great copywriting. Exceptional copywriting goes much beyond perceiving the experience of the audience. Rather, it is about personally connecting with the experience, and making predictions related to the expectations and desires that originate from that experience. Simply put, great copywriting creates emotional values with clarity and brevity, which changes the beliefs of the audience, and transforms their perspectives.


Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo strive to provide the best user experience to their viewers. In order to do so, search engines assign every website a quality score, which ensures the display of only high-quality content at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

For a website to organically rank well in search engines, it has to add fresh, compelling content consistently. But often, it gets difficult for companies to create and publish content on a regular basis. This is where the role of copywriting services comes into play.

Today, many small and large-scale enterprises are outsourcing the back-breaking task of website copywriting to a copywriting agency, to make sure that their business website remains always-new with updated content. First-rate copywriting agencies, along with website copywriting, also take care of SEO copywriting, which, if done right, dramatically improves a website’s ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Great copywriting, however, is a lot more than just improving search engine rankings. Copywriting should be engaging and persuasive in a way that heightens visitor’s on-site stay and leads them to make a purchase decision. Besides website and SEO copywriting, a copywriting agency performs a host of other activities to amplify the brand awareness, including PPC copywriting and email copywriting.


The copywriting business is not a one-man show. Our copywriting agency has a team of dedicated professionals, who understand the fundamentals of the web, SEO, and email copywriting. We are adept at persuasive marketing and proficient in the application of well-researched keywords, which increase the brand visibility and help online readers to locate your website. Most importantly, INAUSCO intends to serve brands, with its high-class copywriters capable of producing content that rocks. With them, our copywriting endeavor is bound to escalate.

INAUSCO is the one-stop destination for all your copywriting needs. From website to online brochures, SEO to direct mail, social media, blog, and PPC, INAUSCO offers a range of copywriting services that optimize your digital marketing initiatives. With the best-in-class tools, INAUSCO’s highly-skilled copywriting experts spare no effort in creating a unique identity for your brand in the fiercely competitive online landscape.