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YouTube TrueView Advertising

TrueView is a specific YouTube video ad format that provides a range of options to the viewer. The most common feature is the ability to skip an advertisement after five seconds if the viewer doesn’t want to view the entire advertisement shown before a video.

YouTube TrueView advertising provides a dedicated marketing strategy to brands with the reliability and agility required to effectively engage an audience. It provides the advertisers with the ability to choose from different in-stream and display models, along with the format which best fits their target audience.

As videos have gained a lot of popularity over the last decade, and YouTube has turned out to be the most popular video platform, advertising on YouTube has become an effective tool for advertisers to reach out to their target audience. It has helped brands to establish a strong web presence and increase conversions through dedicated YouTube TrueView advertising campaigns.

Companies only pay for the advertisements when their target audience is engaged with them. TrueView provides a cost-friendly approach that delivers an enhanced return on investment and a high conversion rate.


YouTube offers a low-cost advertising channel to different brands and businesses with its TrueView ad platform. The campaigns in the TrueView platform are managed using AdWords, providing versatility in using ad formats and customizations.

TrueView provides a number of advantages to your advertising strategy. Some of these salient benefits are:

  • Low Cost: YouTube advertising is still in its early stage and allows you to be flexible with the settings as per your preferences. Its low-cost usage provides you with the ability to experiment \ and discover what best fits your requirement.
  • Pay only for engaged viewers: YouTube viewers have the option to skip a particular ad after viewing it for five seconds. However, you are only charged when a user watches the entire advertisement or when an interaction occurs. In a way, you only pay when a viewer is really interested in your message.
  • Multiple targeting options: You can use your Google AdWords account in the TrueView platform to target a specific group of users based on their age, gender, and location. Specific keywords can also be used to target relevant audiences based on their interests. You can also combine keywords with other targeting options to particularize your target audience.
  • Multiple ad formats: TrueView is highly flexible and provides you with a number of ad formats to target your audience. You can use banner ads, clickable overlays, Call-to-Actions, and individual links to your website within the video display. This multitude of options help the advertisers in effectively engaging their audiences.
  • Ability to run remarketing campaigns: TrueView ads provide you with the same targeting ability available on Google’s Display Network. By allowing you to push fresh content and targeting relevant audiences, it also enables you to encourage people already affiliated with your brand. By linking your YouTube account with your Google AdWords account, users can create remarketing lists based on the videos different people have watched. This enables you to form a funnel, where every ad in a sequence engages your viewers into becoming potential customers.


At INAUSCO, we provide comprehensive YouTube advertising solutions. We are a dedicated YouTube advertising agency that understands your diverse requirements from an ad campaign. We make sure that you don’t bombard viewers with the ads they don’t want to see. As you choose what you want to pay for a view, we help you to get the right audience at the right price.

We strive to provide you with a spectrum of YouTube TrueView advertising services that include both in-stream and in-display ads. We systematically embed your ads into appropriate videos in order to promote your message and brand effectively.

Our team of professionals ensures that your ads are able to run on YouTube across different platforms – desktop, mobile, and smart TVs.

Our dedicated services provide you the benefit of getting your brand in front of YouTube’s enormous viewer base. Even if it is the cost effectiveness, versatility, level of engagement or flexibility of TrueView ads that entice you to use it, you’re going to find additional benefits of the platform once you explore it in detail.