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Twitter is a fast-paced, instantaneous social network that allows you to accomplish your business objectives in a quick time. Its live reactionary content separates it from the rest of the social media networks. Advertising through twitter is done in three forms:

  • Promoted Trends: It includes promoting a specific topic to top the list of Twitter’s trending topics. The trending topics represent the most-discussed topics on Twitter at a given time and provide you the benefit of targeting a large audience.
  • Promoted Accounts: Twitter suggests every user a list of people to follow. Brands can use this feature to put their Twitter accounts at the top of the list so that they can reach out to their potential customers quickly.
  • Promoted Tweets: Promoted tweets are advertisements that show up at the top of searches. It also appears at the top of a user’s timeline when the user follows a certain account.


Twitter’s advertising plans provide the advantage of being quick and direct. With a successful advertising solution consisting of both – free and paid services, you can increase the user traffic to your website and build a solid brand identity.

Twitter is prominently used by leading companies, businesses, and startup firms to build brand visibility through interaction. By using selective keywords suggested by Twitter, your ads become SEO friendly and even improve the ranking of your website in search engine results.

Twitter provides a variety of targeted strategies to enhance your target audience and secure sales by generating new leads. With Twitter, you can explore various brand advertising options as per your budget, and reach new customers. It increases your brand awareness by promoting tweets tailored to your audience. It allows you to personalize your ads and run targeted ad campaigns.

Twitter allows you to break free from conventional advertising by allowing you to launch personalized advertising campaigns, which includes selecting your desired audience and receiving detailed performance analytics. It provides you the ability to target key influencers who are most likely to share your content. It also allows you to remarket old visitors and translate them into potential customers.

By tailoring ads to entice users with similar interests as that of your followers, you can enhance your brand reach and increase your bandwidth. Twitter’s paid advertising inherently promotes goal-driven social marketing. Even if you’re new to social media marketing, Twitter’s paid advertising services help you drive new customers and achieve business growth.

What differentiates Twitter from other social media networks is its ability to provide live updates into real-time events. You can target specific topics on Twitter to get your message in front of your target audience. Twitter also has a high share-ratio as compared to other social networks, with around half a million active users. It ensures that your content is getting the right exposure and generating good value for your brand. Unlike other platforms, Twitter specifically allows you to target keywords that the users search. This provides you the ability to control who sees your ads.

With its proactive customer base, Twitter provides fast-paced response capabilities that ensure an effective two-way communication between your brand and your target audience.


At INAUSCO, we ensure that Twitter paid advertising campaign becomes a success, and your ads are seen by the right people at the right time. We provide a tailor-made service to boost your content by using Twitter’s promoted tweet capabilities. This allows you to connect with the right audience at the right time.

We ensure that you build your business by promoting your brand through Twitter’s extensive online community and get your brand recognized by marketing to a targeted demographic.

As a competitive Twitter advertising agency, we make sure that you use promoted trends to interact with your potential customers. From launching a new product or service to running an ad campaign to drive traffic, we provide you comprehensive Twitter advertising solutions. We strive to provide you with a competitive edge by generating insights into your target market and developing a successful strategy to reach your business objectives. With detailed analytics and real-time reporting, we provide you with the ability to check how your ad campaign is performing.